Activities Team Bokra A7la

The conclusion of the camp (Sunrise I hope)

The Association of Charity Mother development of the conclusion of the summer camp (preeminence of Hope), which was under the supervision of the staff of the Society for Mother Charity and Development under the auspices of Gentlemen at Mobile.   Which included the camp more than 100 children from the area of ​​Sheikh Radwan distributors to children of families sheltered ...

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Effective implementation of good entertainment for kindergarten typical

The Association of Charity Mother of the implementation of the development of leisure trip for children to kindergarten Altabaaan good, with good coordination between the typical kindergarten located in the Sheikh Radwan area, with the Association of Charity Mother of the development on the implementation of a trip for kindergarten children under the auspices of the Association of Charity Mother ...

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Organization of the effectiveness on the occasion of Mother’s children in partnership with good model kindergarten

Charitable Association organized mother development model kindergarten good first yesterday Thursday on 25/3/2010 to celebrate Mother’s Day in honor of centrally on the occasion of Palestinian women and mothers steadfast in the headquarters of kindergarten in Gaza Sheikh Radwan. The ceremony was also attended by a group of officials and managers kindergartens in the area and selected young men and ...

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