Assembly targets

Assembly targets
Work on the fight against poverty , to improve the Palestinian family to a better level .

Work to ensure that orphans and poor families .

Working to help the marginalized groups of society , such as street children , through the establishment of projects and their host them with the ability attic .

 Build a generation with the capabilities and skills of mental , intellectual , and physical high .

 Create and workshops for all segments of society , to create a literate society .

 Work to combat violence against women .

 Promote cultural identity , and national and build a generation belongs to religion and society .

The revival of the national heritage through the training of Palestinian women and young people in the arts of the ancient crafts , from embroidery and folk arts , and others.

Contribute to building and supporting Palestinian civil society , at all levels.

Work to help students collectors in all respects.

Work to create job opportunities for young graduates , and unemployed .

Contribute to the creation of a mass wedding .

Contact with NGOs , and other civil and spectrum for the provision of soft loans under the program to support small projects .