About Us

Who are we?
Association Mother Charity and Development Foundation cultural, social , developmental , media , charitable , non-profit , non-governmental organization , was established and began its work in 2004 in the Gaza Strip centered most of its services to raise the level of the Palestinian family , and serve the youth , women, and children , and orphans , and street children , and the disabled.

I got the license from the Ministry of the Interior in 2007 and license No. 8002 .


We aspire to improve the living conditions of the Palestinian family , and promote the cultural and social aspects of women , children and the creation of a generation of family as an effective organizer and aspiring institution in the assumed center stage to serve the Palestinian family from all aspects and levels.

Our programs :

Relief programs : –

Campaign to ensure children orphans , poor families .
Distribution of free medicines and treatment to families sheltered .
Distribution of cash assistance to families Almauzh .
Distribution of sacrificial meat during the Eid al-Adha .
The distribution of the food basket to poor families .
Implement a series of collective breakfast banquets for orphans , the elderly and needy families .
Distribution of uniforms and school bags on children.
Distribution of Eid gifts for families sheltered and orphaned children .
Children’s programs : –

Awareness sessions for children and how to deal with the external environment and the prevention of diseases .
Support street children and protect them through their integration with the local community .
Altahlih courses , and educational works to refine the skill of the child and the development of his talents .
Do many courses psychosocial support for children .
Do support sessions for children with special needs all fields.
Women’s programs : –

Educational sessions , and rehabilitation .
Food processing cycles .
Health education sessions .
Environmental guidance sessions .
Handicraft courses .
Youth programs : –

Training courses in the following areas :

Prepare young leaders .
Business Administration.
Media & Press .
The development of young talents .
Crisis management .
Public relations .
Leadership and methods of effective communication.
The leadership of summer camps .
Courses prepare trainers , and educators in the field of health and the environment .
Writing and preparation of projects .
Research skills .
Concepts of democracy and human rights.

Education programs cushions : –

Where the program is designed to help students with low achievement , to reach better levels of education through programs that take place in the curriculum where teachers with experience overseeing the program to develop students’ skills and hone their talents and their development.

Membership : –

Everyone is entitled to full legal capacity of a natural association for Mother Charity Association for Development , and benefit from the services, facilities and activities , courses and programs carried out by the Association of the mother.

Our vision of the future : –

Foundation aspires to create a solid and strong community free of violence , disease and judges on the phenomenon of unemployment and increase the level of the Palestinian family and to overcome the obstacles that young people -driven .

Future Plan : –

Were obtained on a piece of land in the area and the apple of God’s hope we get the funding of this project.

Will be constructed as follows : –

Dispensary .
Administrative offices .
Theater child .
Training halls .
Hall computer .
Kindergarten .
Assembly addresses : –

Main Branch : Palestine – Gaza Strip – sand – Omar Mukhtar Street – vs. Rashad Shawa Center – Building Saba

For more information:

Telefax : 0097282888747

Mobile : 00972599536174

Section II : Jabalya country – as opposed to kindergarten Hana

Mobile : 00972597193596

Section III : Shojae’ya next to a bakery Yazigi

Mobile 00972599885164 :

Email : info@cmadps.com

Website : www.cmadps.com


For those who wish to donate to the association by the Bank of Palestine account number : 1116565