Good initiative by young people.. Play “TRA Gaza States”

Good initiative by young people.. Play “TRA Gaza States”
Sweetest Virgin Group: is a community-based non-profit group founded in Gaza City, and consists of volunteer members of twenty Member graduates of both genders and disciplines.
Message group targeted community message is the most important work in the child and youth sector in the area of psycho-cultural, artistic and entertainment.
The team has extensive experience in the theater and used by the Panel as a method and a means to communicate the message is targeted at projects and programs.
The initiative was a theatrical work discussed the drug issue, and preceded by several meetings of awareness for young men and women and cultural seminars.
The play/
Launched “the TRA States Gaza” a euphemism for drug altramadol drug and rolling heavily in the hands of young people, participated in several theatrical artists from youth and performed scene Gaza City Al-Meshal attendance exceeded expectations from the public and the mayors of all civil society institutions and legal persons and a large number of young men and women.
The initiative was coordinated by Mr. Haytham has just spoken word to vulnerable displaced and Lahat moan that Yapi Palestinian youth, however, only be initiative serves his country and people through that specific initiatives.
Also added: the negatives of social, health and psychological, religious, caused by the drug “altramadol” asked decision makers immediate and rapid intervention to the MED help and support to young people to removed from the poison that threatens their lives.
This conclusion, thanked UNFPA and the future development and share your people and charitable development society of pain for their great and visionary in the service of the Palestinian youth and continued support for the success of the initiative.
In a Word, a majestic noise “campaign representative participated thy people” speaking of the achievements of the campaign during the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, he reported that there are 35 initiative at the Gaza Strip has been financing and all youth initiatives in its work and activities and events, and to increase as much as possible from the Palestinian youth and encouraging entrepreneurship.
Has created a drama performance representatives marked the transfer of youth to the representation, the work was performed and the representation of Mohammed Qasim, and Bilal Abu sa’da, and harmony-Dairi, and order star, and Screenwriting from the writings of the young creator: leader (PNA), and directed by playwright: Mohamed Obaid.

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