Spend a day with entertaining children in the fourth day of Eid al-Adha 2011

But we took the reign of ourselves that happy parents and families sheltered in this holiday as much as possible, especially orphans and children of residents of sheltered families.
Where the Association Mother Charity and Development in the fourth and fifth days of Eid al-Adha, the implementation of days spend with the children attended the celebration of more than 120 children, and also included the first day many of the games and Albahlonyat and offers Dabke which Bbaha aims to raise the morale of the children and the renewal of their activity, and also targeted on the second day of competitions many religious, cultural and educational, which aims to raise the culture of children and working to hone their talents and rejuvenate mental.
At the end of the day was the distribution of gifts and incentives and lunches to children, was carried out these days in kindergarten good model located in the Sheikh Radwan, was the official sponsor of these days recreational Gentlemen / restaurant and garden treasures green, and many of the actors good customers.
In an exclusive interview with Professor / picnic Abu Khussa, she said she is very happy these days the implementation of entertainment because it painted a smile on the lips of children and that the real objective of the implementation of such days.
She added that she offered thanks and appreciation for the sponsor’s official these days in the masters / restaurant and garden treasures green for their active participation in the success of entertainment these days.

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