Team virgin sweeter concludes Wedding excellence for the students of UNRWA schools in Gaza

Team virgin sweeter concludes Wedding excellence for the students of UNRWA schools in Gaza
Mother Charity Association for Development – Gaza
Conclude virgin sweetest team for concerts and children’s charities Mother Association for Development of several childish celebrations on the occasion of the graduation of regiments of excellence for the students of the schools in the Gaza Strip.

And began a series of celebrations of the beginning of January until the fourth of March on an ongoing basis by the program distributor to UNRWA schools sector, and one of the main schools that have benefited from the activities of the group (school beach c – Gaza, and School beach and – Gaza and the School Girls Younis elementary school Younis prep new , in addition to the Qattan Center for the Child).

Said Mohamed Ebeid Activities Coordinator mother Charity Association for Development: those activities that come within the Group strategic plan to contribute to an increase of the level of adaptation of students in schools, where the team presented to more than 1,500 superior of UNRWA schools.
 For his part, stressed that these activities come within the interests of the team and their psychological needs of children, humanitarian and post their families and feel their concerns and problems to raise their suffering as much as possible. It is noteworthy that these activities, also aims to strengthen the relationship between the society and institutions working in the field of child care, especially the Directorate of Education.

Obaid also noted: that the work in these activities is valid in full swing in the implementation of many similar activities in coordination with the Ministry of Education during the coming periods.
Where the team provided several paragraphs artistic and acrobatic and singing and that Dabkeh Enjoy attendance, parents, students, and lived an atmosphere of joy and fun and pleasure.

 At the conclusion of a series of events across the childish parents and school administrators review their joy big these activities as well as their appreciation for the efforts of the Association of Charity Mother on this activity generous against the children of Palestine.

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