Team events will conclude the sweetest virgin rejoice at night

Group concluded Technical Association parent effectiveness night rejoice in partnership with the Association of harmony charity, which was over three consecutive days starting from the date of 08/26 to 08/28 /, 2012 at the resort freedom Tourism with the support of His Majesty King Abdullah II (King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)

Hits included more than 750 children from the orphanage where the children were divided over 250 children per day,
The team began its activity and activation of games and entertainment and playing with toys and circus and Almhrgien and cultural Games, so as to alleviate the suffering of our children, the children in the Gaza Strip.

In the same vein through a – Mohammed Obaid (Director of Technical Committee) for the full pleasure and delight to Mahakgah technical crew of the great achievements have been reached with the kids during the event, which noted that the crew of the most efficient crew training dealings with kids to fit on the skills and methods were trained Over the three months inside and outside the Assembly

And gave sincere thanks and gratitude of the masters in the Harmony Society charity to provide an opportunity for the team to participate in this event,
Our thanks go to His Majesty King Abdullah II to stand beside our people and increase their suffering.

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