The conclusion of the camp virgin sweeter third for 2012

Association of Charity Mother completed the development on Thursday / 12/07/2012, the activities of summer camp titled third (virgin sweetest), targeted a camp where 120 children and Vanguards of the Sheikh Radwan area was carried out of the camp in the Sheikh Radwan district.

Where the implementation of the camp self efforts of a cadre of Association parent charity for development, and included the camp many angles artistic, cultural, educational and working to fine tune the hearts of children and hone their talents, as has been the implementation of several leisure trips and cultural which has been defined kids to archeological sites in the Gaza Strip .

At the end of the camp was performed ceremonial closing of all the kids who participated in the camp were distributed gifts to them, also participated professor / picnic Abu Khussa (Chairman), this Hits and expressed her happiness full implementation of the camp, particularly as he put a smile on the lips of those children in difficult circumstances experienced by these children.

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